Diaspy project -- looking for a new maintainer

Hello everyone.

You may know me as a maintainer of Diaspy, a fork of the original Python interface to Diaspora* written by [cocreature](/people/2802abdf566f83b2) (who, sadly, seems to be no longer active on D*). Today I cleaned up some long-outstanding issues in the repository, and decided that it's time to move on.

I haven't been actively developing the project since about two, three years now. In the meantime D* steams ahead and is stronger than ever - the fact about which I am exceptionally happy, and I am grateful that there are people who devote their time to the network.

The responses D* generates now seem much better now than these two years ago when I was last actively involved. I guess it should be now easier to extend and maintain bindings for different languages (but I don't know in what state is the official API).

For what it's worth, I will give you assistance in getting started with the project and try to help if you'll have any questions about the code, but ultimately I'd like to leave the maintainer's seat. There are problems with Diaspy (some requests are rejected by D* as "unauthorized"), so there would be some work involved in getting the project in shape again, but if you're willing to stand up and take the task - feel free to write me a private message on D* or open an issue on Github and say that you'd like to carry on with the project.

Happy hacking!

#diaspora #diaspy #programming #hacking

PS. [diaspora* HQ](/u/hq) Could you reshare this to help me reach more people? Thanks.