So a person in the fediverse made the thinking error that climate activism hurts the Third World. Let me explain in a few quick points why that this utter bullshit:

- the term Third World is a imperialist term from the Cold War.

- poorer countries , so called undeveloped countries or periphery countries (or whatever you want to call them), will be impacted the most by ! They already are!

- those countries are indeed negatively impacted by unfair climate policies from government leaders (NOT activists).

- This doesn't mean that those countries should have the right to continue CO² emissions, but that so called developed countries should help these countries with their energy transition, especially cause the developed countries (the West) are mostly responsible for climate change.

- most climate activists are very aware about these facts. That's why activists talk about ! Especially radical activists (like me) are fully aware that climate change is racist!

- So don't frame climate activists that they serve the Western elites! It's the opposite!